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Virtual Learning Expectations

Message pertaining to Expectations for At-home Learning
Good morning GSIC families! I hope you are doing well and are able to successfully access your assignments for all of your classes during this time of Virtual Learning. While our present situation is one of the most difficult in recent history, let's not lose sight of our future goals. Education must still be a priority, and we still have much to accomplish whether at school or at home. Please keep the following expectations in mind as we continue teaching and learning:
1) A set number of instructional hours is required by the Department of Education. Distance learning is implemented in place of in-person learning, and instead of scheduling make-up days.
2) With this in mind, remember that student participation, communication, and timely submission of assignments determines credit for daily attendance and will be reflected in the student's grades​ for ALL classes including Connections/Electives.
3) Academic performance and Attendance on-site AND online will be factors considered for promotion or retention. Please refer to the Attendance Policy and Promotion/Retention Policy in the Family Handbook for further details.
4) Students are expected to demonstrate mastery of content knowledge in the current grade level and preparedness for the next grade level in multiple ways. The less they are engaged in learning, the less likely they are to succeed.
5) Faculty and staff will support and assist you any way possible. Never hesitate to contact us. 
We are looking forward to seeing you all very soon!