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School Lunch

GSIC takes the ability to provide a nutritious lunch at an economical price very seriously. However, we are spending a lot of work hours to coordinate this effort. In order to make the process more efficient without making any major changes, we want to discourage the paying of lunch one day at a time.

We strongly encourage you to pay multiple days at a time. In order to ensure that your child's account is credited in advance, please pay by Friday the week prior when possible.

We are also encouraging that you make your payments by check or online through your Infinite Campus Parent Portal with a credit or debit card. We understand there are times when it may be necessary to pay with cash. When paying with cash, please send bills ONLY and not coins.

If for some reason, you cannot pay for multiple lunches a week in advance, please talk with Administration. They will work with you to implement an alternative plan.

We do not want to go to a cashless system, so please work with us to improve our current payment process.​