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IMPORTANT State Testing Notice

VERY IMPORTANT message concerning Milestone Testing:

Dear GSIC students and parents, 

I wanted to let you all know that we have ONLY 40 school days until the first session of Milestone testing! Daily attendance and commitment to academics are paramount as always, but especially with only a few weeks left to cover the standards. These results will be the last state assessment scores that the Charter Commission will be reviewing before our charter is up for renewal. This is NOT a call to worry or be anxious. All we ask is for everyone to do their very best in preparing for the tests and when taking the tests. Please be sure to utilize all of the resources at your disposal at school and at home, such as USA Test Prep, IXL, the Milestone practice links on the school website, and any assignments or practice your teachers provide. 

Let's all work together to show what we have achieved! Thank you for choosing GSIC!


Julie Hawkins


Georgia School for Innovation and the Classics