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         My name is Ms. Sommer and I will be teaching 6th through 10th grade Visual Arts class this year. This is my fifth year teaching at GSIC. I am so very excited to see the new, wonderful creations that the students will make this year. I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. in Studio Art from Augusta University. I believe that first-hand art experience is essential so, while in college, I participated in as many study abroad trips as I could. I attended and helped lead trips to the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, and Italy. My art has been exhibited across the U.S.. My primary media are ceramics, drawing, and photography.

          I am very passionate about art. My primary goal is to help students find their appreciation for art and self expression. Through the study and creation of art, students will naturally develop the four classical virtues our school strives to achieve. Furthermore, the study of art helps students to lead more enriched lives, and instill in them an appreciation for, and fascination of, the world around them. The visual arts curriculum integrates topics from other disciplines in order to help deepen students’ understanding and appreciation of these diverse subjects.

          I am also the assistant coach to middle school & high school cross country. I've enjoyed coaching our team for the past three years.

         Please, feel free to contact me if you have any questions by email at msommer@gsiccharter.com and on class Dojo. (I use class Dojo as my primary source of communication.)  Thank you for all of your support. I am looking forward to a great new year!

    Likes List: -Sunflowers-Cactuses & ferns-Starbucks-Milk Chocolate-Anything Purple-Clipboards-Vincent Van Gogh-Chickfila-Candles(Apple/Cotton Scent)