• We will not serve snacks this year in order to keep fees at their current rate. Please provide your children with a snack. 

    Before /After School Fees: These are charged every four weeks with the exception of November/December, which is charged for 6 weeks 

              A minimum weekly payment MUST be made to keep your child's spot in the program. 

          We use the BAND APP for communication for changes. Failure to join the appropriate Band App will result in your child being suspended from the program. The school phones roll over and you will not be able to reach us on that line of communication. The App sends messages directly to our phone 


    Before school/After school/Activity meeting date, times and fees list  CLICK HERE

    Before school/Afterschool/Drop in registration . CLICK HERE

    Band App CLICK HERE to join the appropriate club link

    Activity Registration CLICK HERE  

    CLICK HERE for Fee Schedule  

    Email jvaught@gsiccharter.com or jhall@gsiccharter.com  with any questions