•                                                            Before Care

    • $15.00 weekly.  Billed monthly
    • Drop off on side of building at 1st grade hallway.
    • They may bring a small toy/book/paper/crayons but it MUST fit into their backpack
    • 6:45-7:25
    • Hours of operation: students are dismissed to after school prior to numbers being called until -6pm 
    • If your student needs to go home in car line ,please dojo their teacher.
    • Do not get into carline to pick up your child from after school (you must come in and sign them out)
    • Fees are $50.00 a week for 1st child and $40 for additional children 
    • Fees are billed monthly-on Campus Portal          
           Fees can be paid weekly failure to pay for 2 consecutive weeks will result in your student being suspended from the program until account is made current.
    • Drop in rate is $20.00 daily payable that day
    • Registration is online
    • If your student is not picked up by 6pm - there will be $5.00 per minute charge added to your account. 
    • Students are served a snack and will then go outside and our to a classroom for computer time and/or games. 
    • There is NO assigned homework time as that is to be completed at home with you. 
    • Don't see what you are looking for, please email jvaught@gsiccharter.com or call 707-434-8085 ext 105

    • CHARGES are Only discounted if the school closes 
    • NO CHARGES are made for school holidays

    AFTERCARE IS CLOSED on half days. Students must be picked up during carline     NOVEMBER 19th & DECEMBER 17th