• School History

    The Georgia School for Innovation and the Classics is a public charter school that opened on September 8, 2015.  GSIC is located at 5073 Storey Mill Road in Hephzibah, Georgia at the intersection of Storey Mill and Fulcher Roads. 

    Georgia School for Innovation and the Classics opened serving grades Kindergarten through sixth and expanded by one grade level per year. GSIC has a statewide attendance zone ensuring all Georgia resident students are eligible to attend. 

    GSIC is committed to excellence in all its endeavors, including integrating the core elements of a classical education centered on the three phases of the Classical Trivium: grammar (grades 1-4), logic (grades 5-8), and rhetoric (grades 9-12). There will be an emphasis on proven traditional teaching methods, higher order thinking skills and real-world, authentic learning experiences with classroom instruction. The critical thinking skills developed through continuous opportunities for active participation and the rigorous use of meaningful discussion throughout the curriculum will foster an ethic of self-leadership and be a platform for learning the four Classical Virtues: Wisdom, Justice, Temperance, and Courage. 

    Supplemented by at least four optional Career Pathways for secondary students including: Healthcare Science, Cyber Security, Sustainable Agriculture, and Entertainment Technology, students at GSIC will participate in unique civic, industry, and higher education partnerships. 

    Georgia School for Innovation and the Classics is authorized by the Georgia State Charter Schools Commission. 

School Crest