• Choice Board for January 4-8

    4th grade 

    Please Choose one activity per day.  You also can choose one activity for 2 class days if the box contains an asterisk. 

    These are the 4 ways you are to let me know you completed this assignment:  Record and send back to me via dojo or google classroom.                                                                                                                                                                                            A parent sends a note back through individual messaging (dojo or google classroom) that you completed the assignment.                                                                                                               A parent signs a note and sends back by you to give me when we return to school that you completed this activity.                                                                                                                                                                     You can attach the assignment and send to me via through individual messaging (dojo or google classroom). 

    If you need a fingering chart for the recorder, click on this link, and go to page 3. There you will find all the notes you need to play any of these 3 songs. file:///C:/Users/Admin/AppData/Local/Temp/Temp2_RECORDERSHEETMUSICChristmasFavoritesforRecorderwPERFORMANCETRACKS-1.zip/RECORDERSHEETMUSICChristmasFavoritesforRecorderwPERFORMANCETRACKS.pdf

    You can also choose the youtube video for 1 and 2 if that works better for you to learn the song. 




    Learning to play all the notes on the recorder, take a look: https://video.link/w/IwaDb

    1. I have attached a couple of songs and a link to When the Saints Go Marching In.   Please work on one of these songs, and record this and send it back to me via dojo.   This activity counts for 3 class periods.

    (If you practice and play all 3 songs)



    If you pick only one song, this will count as one class period.  

    This is for those who took their recorders home. 

    2.Find materials around your home to make any instrument.  Play the songs that I have attached on your instrument.  Please try to follow the rhythm of the songs if you are unable to actually play the notes given.  This activity counts for 2 class periods.

    If you choose only one song, this will only count as one class period. 

    3. I am attaching the dance we were suppose to do this week. You probably don’t have rhythm sticks, but you can just clap the beat.  If you choose this activity, you should be able to present this to me when we return to school.  


     This activity counts for 2 class periods.

    4. You can make up your dance moves to a song you choose from here:  Happy –


    Surfin USA- 


    Be Happy – 


    Under the Sea-


    I’ll Make A Man Out of You-


    Pick another song, but check with me prior to doing it. Thank you


    5. Play various rhythms (at least 5) of each note you have learned so far on the recorder.  This counts as one class assignment.  Please record or have your parents sign a note saying you did this or they can let me know by dojo that it was done.  If you don’t have your recorder, you can do rhythms with your hands on a book.  

    6. Find a family member or baby sitter or family friend to teach you a song they learned in primary school, but it has to be something you don’t already know.  This counts as one period.  

    7. Play note names from this link for 20 minutes.  This counts toward 1 class, but if you do it for 40 minutes. This will count toward 2 classes



    8. Keep a running list of all the times you hear music throughout the day.  Was there music where you never noticed it before?  What was the purpose of the music?  Write this on paper. 


    Choose a character from something you are reading and make a theme song for this character.  Write a brief explanation of why this song fits this character. 

    Pick one of these assignments for one class period or both for 2 periods.