• Assignments for May 11 - May 15

    Catch up and make up missing work is our plan for this week. Many students have not submitted poetry projects yet, and many students have not yet taken the two tests: Caged Bird Unit 3 Poetry and Speech at the United Nations. Attend to these tasks please! There are no new assignments this week.

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  • Assignments for May 4 - May 8

    This week, be sure you complete your Poem PowerPoint Project, due May 8th.


    You may take USA Test Prep School Closure Quiz 3 and 4, if you would like to replace your scores for Quiz 1 and 2. 

    This is completely optional and risk-free.

    I will allow you to keep your higher scores, in all cases, so this is RISK-FREE. If you are satisfied with your Quiz 1 and 2 scores, do nothing.


    All students who are behind with assignments......catch up......I want everything turned in by May 15th so we can wrap things up and get your final averages prepared. Please honor this deadline. Thank you to everyone for your hard work! I appreciate you greatly and look forward to a happy reunion!


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  • Assignments for April 27 - May 1

    This week you will complete two assessments. They are collaborative assessments, so that means that you may phone a friend or work as a group. It is not considered cheating if I have stated that it is a collaborative assessment. 

    These are not "tests" in the traditional sense. These assessments are meant to encourage literary discussion and engage critical thinking. You may use your book and your notes. If you wish to work independently, then do so.

    Please create an answer sheet on a blank word document, and email that to rrosier@gsiccharter.com when you are finished.

    Speech at the United Nations....answer 1-16 ONLY. Do not go past #16. Please.

    "Caged Bird" etc. Poetry Collection.....answer 1-20.

    Thank you for your patience. Miss you guys. No, really......I mean it. I miss you all so much!

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  • Speech at the United Nations Test (page 314)

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  • "Caged Bird" etc. Poetry Collection Unit 3 test (page 325)

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  • End of Year Project due May 8

    OK....here it is.....the final project for 10th grade literature that you have all been waiting and wishing for (hehehe). We talked about this in class and I will keep it simple. Basically, you will choose a topic/theme, find 1 poem that you like that fits your topic/theme, find 1-2 works of art that express your poem, and find 1-2 songs/instrumental music that conveys the feelings your poem engenders. You will write a brief explanation of why you picked your poem and how the art/music is appropriate for the poem. You will put this into a PowerPoint Presentation, which you will then send to me via email.

    Again, step by step:

    1. Choose a topic/theme that appeals to you.  Examples of topics: horses, flowers, sports; Examples of themes: love, friendship, coming of age

    2. Find 1 poem that best expresses your topic/theme and put it in a PowerPoint Presentation. The poem should have its own slide and         don't forget to include the title/author, as well as a citation on your very last PPT slide indicating the source for the poem. If you prefer to write   your own poem, that is perfectly fine.

    3. Find 1-2 photographs, paintings, comics, etc. that aptly express your poem and put them in the PPT Presentation. Don't forget to include the title of the artwork and the artist and don't forget to include a citation on your very last PPT slide indicating the source for each illustration. If you prefer to draw, paint, or create your own illustrations for your poem, that is perfectly fine. 

    4. * OPTIONAL * Find 1-2 songs/instumental music pieces that convey the feelings your poem evokes. Place a hyperlink on a PPT slide so that I can click and listen. Provide title of the song and artist on the PPT slide as well. If you experience difficulty with music, skip this part and stick with the art work. I am not sure how many students are familiar with adding a hyperlink, so let's make this part OPTIONAL.

    5. Write a brief explanation for your poem in which you discuss the following points: why you selected that particular poem, how the artwork evokes   the mood, tone, message, etc. of the poem, and how the music brings forth the emotions associated with the poem. Put this narrative on its own   PPT slide.

    6. Your first slide should be a title slide with your name, date, course/class period and topic/theme of your project. Your last slide should be     a References slide wherein you list your sources for everything you used and/or put into your PPT.

    7. You get to pick your PPT layout, colors, font, size, style, etc. Be creative and show off those technological skills!


    Here is the correct order for your PPT Presentation:


    Slide One: title slide (see #6 above)

    Slide Two: poem

    Slide Three: Art for poem

    Slide Four: Music for poem  OR  if not doing music, put a second Art piece

    Slide Five: Narrative for poem (see #5 above)

    Slide Six: References slide (see #6 above)





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  • Assignments for April 20 - April 24

    Hello, Students!

    This week is an easy week for you, as far as 10th grade World Literature goes!

    Please log in to your USA Test Prep and take School Closure Quiz 1 and School Closure Quiz 2.

    These quizzes are on POETRY and I have allowed two tries for each question. Take your time and do a great job!!

    Meanwhile......I will be getting caught up grading your last week's assignments.

    Miss you all so much!!!!!

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  • Assignments for April 13 - 17, 2020

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  • March 26 answer key

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  • March 24 answer key page 2 of 2

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