• The Art & Science of Health Education

    We will be learning the scientific aspects of health and physical education via class lecture AND we will be outside learning the art of health and physical education through practical exercise.

    For the pracitcal portion of class, all PE standards as published by Coach Valdez and Coach Segrest will be followed - we will provide the printed PE standards during Open House in the Fall and  the first day of class. Just like some jobs require steel toe shoes for safety, we require students to wear tennis shoes with laces for safety. 

    ***Tennis shoes with laces are required***

    Required Supplies:

    • access to the Internet
    • 1 3-ring notebook
    • 1 two-pocket folder
    • a pair of lace-up tennis shoes
    • shorts and tshirt which are very conservative, meeting school guidelines in length and coverage (knee length shorts, full coverage plain tshirt/no logo)
    • personal water bottle and towel (to wipe sweat off yourself)
    • exercise mat such as a yoga mat (I have found several at Goodwill for $5 or new at WalMart for $12)
    • personal bottle of hand sanitizer


    Recommended Supplies: the following items are NOT required but are recommended based on feedback from students

    • deodorant/antiperspirant
    • 1 package of highlighter pens in a variety of colors
    • 1 School planner calendar style book
    • 1 package of markers in a variety of colors
    • 3 poster boards in white
    • 1 tri-fold display board (can be found at DollarTree)
    • 2 glue sticks
    • 1 package of pencils and/or ink pen's


    During the year we will be participating in several projects which may require poster board or a tri-fold board, markers, and such as found at DollarTree. Students should have the ability to access the Internet and a laptop or tablet with the ability create papers, slides, or drawings for homework.

    Teacher wish list for the classroom:

    Disinfectant wipes (we use these a lot)

    Pencil sharpener - electric



    Deodorant (personal/travel size for students who do not have any)