• High School Health Education


    Description: The Health Education program is structured to help students make health-enhancing choices by teaching them practical health skills. We will participate in activities that guide students through real-life scenarios and step-by-step  physical activities to improve their own health and the health of others. We encourage families to discuss topics we are learning.

     This class has two (2) components which comprise the overall grade.

    1. Classroom tests, quizzes, and projects
    2. Physical exercise participation, sportsmanship, and preparedness

     *Note: We will follow the daily physical education standards as defined by Georgia State Standards and in the hand-out created by Coaches Alvarez and Segrest. Their hand-out contains the rules we expect students to follow.

    We do expect every student to participate by giving their personal best. Medical exceptions must be on file.


    Classroom Scoring: Assignments, tests, quizzes, and projects are due ON TIME and is 40% of the overall grade.

    Late policy:  1 day delay is -10 points, 2 day delay is -20 points. Work is not accepted after 48 hours of the due date. If you will be on vacation, work is due ahead of time.

    1. Unit tests – unit tests worth 100 points each
    2. Assignments & Projects – each worth 100 points each

    Physical Exercise Scoring: Participation, attitude and effort will combine for a total of 100 points which is 40% of the overall grade. Points will be earned in the following categories:

    1. Participation: 60 points (participating in activity and putting forth a personal best effort)
    2. Sportsmanship: 30 points (overall behavior and following rules*noted above)
    3. Preparedness: 10 points (appropriate attire, being on time)

    Units we will study:

    Unit 1: A Healthy Foundation    

    Unit 2: Mental & Emotional Health

    Unit 3: Healthy & Safe Relationships

    Unit 4: Nutrition & Physical Activity

    Unit 5: Personal Care & Body Systems

    Unit 6: Growth & Development

    Unit 7: Medicines and Drugs

    Unit 8: Diseases and Disorders

    Unit 9: Safety and Environment Health

    ADAP: Alcohol & Drug Awareness Program