• All students MUST wear sneakers/tennis shoes with socks to every P.E. class. They must have laces or velcro straps. Slip-ons such as Vans are not considered sneakers. No heels, clogs, wedges, sandals, boots, etc. will be permitted. Students will be given time at the beginning of each class to change into appropriate shoes if needed.


    All students MUST be in dresscode. This includes belts. All bottoms must stay up and all shirts must stay down. If your student wears a dress or skirt, they must be wearing shorts underneath to participate.


    I encourage all students with longer hair to bring a ponytail holder with them so their hair does not become a distraction or get in the way of them performing to the best of their ability. Also, it gets hot!

          belt                          Tennis shoes                                 ponytail