• Homework Sept. 20 - 24


    Be sure your student has headphones or ear buds - Benchmark testing begins THIS WEEK!

    **Next week we will begin Weekly Language Review Homework.

    Spelling week 2 steep, speck, eager, gleam, west, member, fresh, freedom, steam, believe, kept, greed, reason, chief, pretend.

    Vocab: numerous, injustice, captured, encounters, preferred, recall

    Monday: Write missed words 3x's each on your pretest page. Make Vocabulary flash cards

    Tuesday: Study spelling & vocabulary words. Review Green Grammar Hints in notebook BRING HEADPHONES/EARBUDS

    Wednesday: Study spelling & vocabulary words. 

    Thursday: Study for spelling & vocab 


    ELAGSE4RL1 - Refer to details and examples in a text when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text.


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  • Homework September 13-17

    UPCOMING EVENTS: Spelling & vocab test on Friday, All notes are in the reading notebook.

    Spelling week 1: blade, gray, past, afraid, magic, delay, amaze, drain, maybe, break, sale, hang, stain, glass, raft

    Vocabulary: mistake, disbelief, disprove, unaware, unlucky, untidy 

    Definitions are glued in their reading notebook behind the RED tab

    Monday - Write missed spelling words 3x's each (Please write on the pretest).  

    *Work on Vocabulary Flash Cards - DUE TUES.

    *Work on "About Me" sheet - DUE FRIDAY

    Tuesday - *Work on "About Me" sheet - DUE FRIDAY 

    *Study spelling & vocabulary for test Friday

    Wednesday - *Work on "About Me" sheet - DUE FRIDAY *Study spelling & vocabulary for test Friday

    Thursday - Study for tests. 

    ** We will begin Education Galaxy Pretesting soon - please be sure to have headphones. 



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