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    Welcome to Sixth Grade Math!  My name is Lorie Dillard.  This is my third year at GSIC.  I started teaching over thirty years ago in Richmond County.  I taught for twelve years in the county, then decided to stay at home with my children.  I did not stay there very long.  I got a part time job teaching at Mother's Day Out, then I was offered a full time teaching job at a private school where my children could attend.  After prayerful consideration, I left that job to homeschool my children for the next seven years.  We had a great time being together, but I knew I couldn't teach the high school subjects that my son needed.  I planned to send him back to the private school for high school and continue home schooling my daughter.  God had other plans.  When we went for registration, I was offered a job.  I taught fourth grade for the ten years there, when God called me to come to GSIC.    

    Bryce & Maryssa  Lacie  Bella 3

    There have been a lot of changes in my life.  My husband and I are now empty nesters.  My son is in seminary in Louisville, KY.  My daughter is a nurse in Clermont, GA.  Our dog, Lace, passed away in 2018.  Her passing broke my heart.  It took us over a year before we could even think about getting a new dog.  In April 2019, we got a puppy.  Her name is Bella. Bella has helped heal my heart.   She loves playing fetch and giving kisses.


    Hunting Island  Little Blue

    My family and I love going to Hunting Island State Park.  It is one of our favorite places.  The pristine beach is beyond compare.  We ride our kayaks or bikes and take long walks along the beach.  Fishing at Johnson Creek or along the shore are times for relaxing.  Once the bait gets taken, you have to be ready for a great fight with some super game fish.  There is plenty of room to enjoy nature and all that God has made. The Boneyard, a place where the beach has eroded and the trees have fallen over, is no longer there.    After Hurricane Matthew, only one cabin was left standing.  It was out in the ocean, since that part of the island had eroded.  Because of safety and environmental risks, the state park had it torn down.  The island is so beautiful.  Hunting Island is my happy place.

    Hunting Island 2  

    Now a new chapter begins in our live together.  I won't kid you.  It is going to be a lot of hard work, but I know that you will be up to the challenge.  I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you.  I pray that God blesses you and keeps you safe this year at GSIC.