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    Students receive two types of grades in Elementary Art. A classwork grade and an assessment grade. 


    Classwork grades 

    Classwork grades are 60% of the overall grade.

    • Each art class students will receive a studio grade. This grade is not based on skill, but the willingness to explore, discover & engage in activities. This studio grade also includes safe use of art materials and a collaborative and respectful relationship with other artists.
    • Students may also receive a classwork grade for their sketchbook entries, skill practice, or independent artworks.

    Assessment grades

    Assessment grades are 40% of the overall grade.


    In addition to classwork grades, students will receive assessment grades throughout the year. These assessments can take the form of written tests or quizzes, classroom activities where I observe and record the student's mastery of a standard or in a performance project which requires the student to demonstrate mastery of a standard through their art.