Mrs. Thompson
             Hello! My name is Mrs. Tamisha Thompson.  I am originally from Brooklyn, New York, but I have lived in Waynesboro, Georgia for about twenty-four years.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree and certification in Early Childhood Education and an additional certification in mathematics for grades 6-12.  I taught at a small Christian school for almost nineteen years.  This is my fifth year at GSIC, and in my second year I was blessed to be awarded Teacher of the Year. I am very passionate about my profession, my family and my faith. I have been married to my wonderful husband for almost twenty-one years, and we were blessed with two beautiful children.

             I cannot wait to begin this new year!  I absolutely love math, and I hope that this feeling becomes contagious.  I want to infect my students with that same passion.  I want to make them excited about learning.  I look forward to working with my new students and with you, the parents and guardians.  I strongly believe that you play a very important role in your child's success.  

            This year at GSIC marks the beginning of a new journey.  We are all excited about the bright future of this school and the great impact that it’s going to have on the lives of our students.   

             If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me by email.  My email address is TThompson@gsiccharter.com.  I will make every effort to respond to you as quickly as possible.         

                                                                                                    Mrs. Thompson