Welcome to a new adventure for both of us...on-line schooling! 

    Lets decide now to work together to make this successful. As a student , you must accept more responsibility for your learning. I can provide the tools, but ultimately it is up to you more than ever. It will be easy to use additional resources for assignments, including quizes and tests. However, if you only write down asnswers you are onlly hurting yourself and it will show up later.  Consider making a daily schedule for yourself to get your work completed. You may reach me by DoJo or email. Lrobersongsic@gmail.com

    You must send photos of written work through DoJo, with your name and date on it to receive credit for work. Most of your assignments will use your on-line textbook, your workbook, USA Test Prep, Quizlet, Quizziz, and videos. I will post assignments daily for that day.

    We can do this!

    Ms. Roberson